After a decade living in London, I noticed a gap in the market for good quality Korean food. I launched Kimchee Restaurant in 2011 to introduce adventurous Londoners to the exciting flavours of Korean cuisine at a reasonable price.

Korean food is largely undiscovered compared to its Thai and Japanese counterparts. Barbequed meats and fish, marinated tofu, spiced soups and fragrant stews feature heavily on any Korean dinner table. Kimchee, a spicy, crunchy, pickled cabbage, is Korea’s national dish and a popular accompaniment to any meal, alongside a big bowl of rice.

At Kimchee, we serve a range of meats, fish and vegetables marinated with authentic Korean flavours, cooked in our open-plan kitchen with a traditional charcoal grill. Our wide range of delicious starters and sides complete the meal. We recommend you order food for the whole table to share, tapas style.

I had long envisioned bringing my native Korean cuisine to London; offering quality food and excellent service in a sleek and stylish interior, whilst maintaining a real sense of Korean authenticity. I hope you enjoy your visit to Kimchee and leave with a passion for Korean cuisine.

Founder and CEO,
Dong Hyun Kim