Main Dishes

Cold Noodles

Mul Naengmyeon

Buckwheat noodles in a chilled beef broth with sliced beef brisket, pickled radish, cucumber, Asian pear and hard boiled egg

Bibim Naengmyeon

Chilled buckwheat noodles in an authentic fruity, chilli sauce with marinated beef, pickled radish, cucumber, Asian pear and hard boiled egg

Pot Dishes

Dwen Jang Jjigae

Beef or spinach served with tofu and vegetables in a traditional soybean and kelp broth

Kimchee Jjigae

Pork in a rich hot pot of spicy fried kimchee, mushrooms and tofu

Budae Jjigae

Spicy hot pot of kimchee, tofu, ramen noodles and beef with sausage, baked beans and mushroom

Seafood and Soft Tofu Jjigae

Mixed seafood and soft tofu in a chilli broth with an egg yolk placed on top that cooks slowly at the table

Ugeoji Galbitang

Cabbage leaves and short beef ribs slowly simmered in a beef rib stock and seasoned with soybean served with chilli, spring onion and omelette strips


A delicate soup made from short beef ribs with radish, carrot, egg and glass noodles


Bold and hot – beef brisket, egg, mushrooms and sliced radish with glass noodles in a spiced red chilli sauce

Hot Pot Bulgogi

Thin slices of marinated beef, Korean dates, rice cakes, mushroom and spinach with glass noodles in a slow cooked soy, ginger and garlic broth



Salmon or mackerel drizzled with Korean barbecue sauce, served with lemon, wilted spinach and broccoli. Finished on the pan.

Food allergies & intolerance:  Before ordering your food and drinks, please speak to our staff about your requirements.

For all allergen and dietary requirements, please speak to your server at the restaurant, who will be happy to help. We have strict procedures and training in place regarding allergens however, due to the nature of a kitchen operation, we are unable to guarantee that dishes are free of any allergen.