Korean Cocktails

Flower Tea for 2

Tea for two never tasted so good. A beguiling mix of hibiscus tea, Bloom gin, Sipsmith London cup and 4 types of flowers – rose, jasmine, elderflower and violet.

Dabang Martini

‘Dabang’ is a Korean coffee house and this is our take on an espresso martini. A modern day classic with a ginger and hazelnut twist.

Passionfruit Frose

A frozen passionfruit and rose wine cocktail with just a hint of vermouth and vodka. Why wouldn’t you?


A Korean rice wine and vodka based martini, flavoured with Jadu (plum). Simply perfect with all our dishes. One won’t be enough!

Aloe Garden

A celebration of the cactus plant, this aloe based margarita is a sensational accompaniment to spicy dishes.

Ginger Maegju

A tropical shandy made with premium Mauritian rum with hints of ginger and lime. Amazing match to our fried dishes.

Gochu Collins

We take plum tea and Bloom premium gin and flavour it with fresh chilli and lime to create a real thirst quencher.

Strawberry Fizz

For lovers of strawberry with a hint of lychee liqueur and a burst of lychee bubbles, all topped off with prosecco.

Gangnam Mojito

Our take on the classic mojito with a few ‘Gangnam’ tweaks like spiced rum and jasmine syrup.

Seoul Special Sour

An intriguing blend of bourbon and coconut milk with a suggestion of cinnamon from Korean Sujeonggwa. Contains egg white.


So easy to love! A hard to resist blend of pear, Korean rice wine and sweet plum syrup with a creamy head. Contains egg white.

Floral Festival

A celebration of flowers with rose and elderflower in a tropical fruity punch. Thirst quenching and delicious.

Lychee Love

Delicious mixed fruit punch with lychee and pomegranate balanced by Korean raspberry/blackberry vinegar.

Nabi Dance

Elegant and refreshing blend of rum, mango aloe and pink grapefruit with a prosecco top.

Classic Cocktails

Ask a team member for our classic cocktails.


Hangul Cobbler

Fruity and healthy with hints of spice from the ginseng.

Banana Bubble

A banana shake, full of fruity bubbles and topped with ginger beer.

Green Breeze

A refreshing and tangy mix of green tea, apple and lime.

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All our dishes may contain traces of nuts

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