Side Dishes



A traditional favourite in Korea – layers of fermented Chinese cabbage with a garlic and chilli kick

Modum Namul

Beansprouts, spinach, radish and cucumber lightly seasoned with sesame oil


Thin layers of seasoned crispy seaweed


Sticky rice

Young Yang Bap

Korean mixed grain rice served hot in a stone pot


Two fluffy steamed buns with a choice of fillings

Chargrilled Beef

Chargrilled Pork

Chargrilled Chicken


Avocado Salad

With lettuce, vinegar and chilli sauce

Dubu Salad

French beans and cold tofu with miso sauce

Miyeok Salad

Seaweed and edamame with vinegar and chilli sauce

Asparagus Skewer

Asparagus skewer served with a yuzu dressing and topped with sesame seeds

Chargrilled Broccoli

Broccoli served with a soybean and miso mayo sauce

Portobello Mushroom

Mushroom served with a yuzu dressing

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All our dishes may contain traces of nuts

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